Custom Cocktails

Our bartenders are experts at creating signature cocktails that are tailored to your event's theme or taste preferences. From classic cocktails to modern twists, our bartenders can craft drinks that will leave your guests impressed.

layered cocktails Phoenix wedding shower
Birthday Party

Uhm...what is a "Craft Cocktail"?

Craft Cocktails or Hand Crafted Cocktails typically take a more thoughtful approach to pairing drinks with certain flavors. Craft bartenders often include infused alcohol or juices.

Let us develop your drink and bring it to the party. Having a unique cocktail is always a great addition to any event!

Theme Parties

For example, in the picture above of our bartenders taught the guests how to make layered drinks, and they created several different unique drink recipes for their event!

To the right, our bartender created this unique Halloween drink, Beyond Bananas! This was made with banana infused rum, with a unique smokey appearance! It was a hit at the Halloween bash.

smoking drink
Spectacular Spooky Cocktail
mimosas and margaritas
Mimosas and Margaritas for a Golf Tournament

Your Party...Your Way

You might want a unique drink developed specifically for you, or a traditional cocktail with a new twist. Whatever you need...we've got it!